Monday, October 3, 2011

Bean Experment

Problem-Will the Pepsi or Water plant did not work or if it did
Background Knowledge-
Hypothesis-That the water plant will grow.
Materials -Water,Pepsi,2 cups,2 beans whit and brown, scale,Graduate cylinder,Dropper, pencil,paper

1.Gather all materials
2.Get two paper cups with soil and measure it.
3.Get two beans and measure it too.
4.Place the beans inside the cups.
5.Measure the water in place it in the cups of beans.
6.Do the same with the other liquid that you are going to us.
7.Then place in a table.
8.Make a chart that has Monday through Friday.
 9.When you come into class water them and record what happen..
10.Repeat step 9 every day you com in class
Experiment-Grown Beans
Collect Data-Graph
Conclusion-None grow
Questions for Extension-What will happen if we mixed Pepsi and water  together

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  1. Your procedures are really great=] Its neat and not messy:) and really organized. .


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